French slicer

The name SO APÉRO
SO APÉRO refers to the concept of friends and family gathering and having a good time together.
In French culture, APÉRO translates to the French tradition of coming together and sharing drinks and hors d’oeuvres before dinner.

Made in France
French slicer
Original Guillotine - Beech Wood


The Founder, Philippe L.

Cutting sausage, cheese, fruit, and vegetables becomes enjoyable
and easy with the Guillotine!

Proud of my French origin and its art of gastronomy,
I had the idea to create fun objects perfect for
hosting convivial fervent adept parties.
The Guillotine makes slicing any type of food quick and simple.
Derived from the idea of sharing this product abroad, the Guillotine is now available for export.
As we strongly believe in quality and authenticism, the French Slicer is 100% made in France.

For Everyday Use – Cut Anything You Would Like!
Bread – Meat – Fruit – Vegetables

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